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Adithya Chemicals – is the new seed in our ever fertile Garden of achievements by Adithya Group. Due to the increase of awareness in using environmental friendly chemicals in Textile Industry, organic – bio – fertilizers in Agriculture sector – it is the need of the hour to focus on environmental friendly Chemicals.

With this social responsibility in our Mind – Adithya – Chemicals came into the being to import quality enviromental Chemicals – related to Yarn and Textile , Pretreatment , Dyeing and Printings and Finshing – softeners etc. we export Organic and bio fertilizer products in Agriculture.

Import Products

  • The Lubbicants For the Spining
  • The Lubricants For the Knitting Yarn And The Weaving Yarn
  • The Lubricants For The Sewing Threads

The Pretreatment

  1. The Sequesting Agents
  2. The Bio Treatment Product
  3. The Defoamer
  4. The Wetting And Deaerating Agent
    • The Normal Wetting Agent
    • The Wetting Agent for the Mercerizing
    • Deaerating Agent
    • The Special Wetting Agent
  5. The Scouring Agent
  6. The Agent for the Bleaching
    • The Multi-function Agent for the Bleaching
    • The Stabilizing Agent
    • The Removing Agent for Peroxide Remained
  7. The Removing Agent foe the Fabric Oil And the Dirty Materials in the Machine

The Dyeing and Printings

  1. The Dispersing Agent
  2. The Sequestering Agent for the Dyeing
  3. The Oligomer Removing Agent
  4. The Wetting and the Deaerating Agent for the Dyeing
  5. The Levelling Agent
    • The Levelling Agent for PES
    • The Levelling Agent for PA
    • The Levelling Agent for Wool
    • The Levelling /agent for Acrylic
    • The Levellinf Agent for Cotton and Rayon
  6. The Dyeing Accelerator
  7. The Lubricants ( Crease Preventing Agent )
  8. The Soaping Agent
  9. The Fixing Agent
  10. The Textile Protective Agent
  11. PH Contol Agent
  12. The Removing Agent for Oil and the Silicone oil
  13. The Machine Cleaning Agent
  14. The Reduction Agent
  15. The Prohibit or for the Color Bleeding
  16. The Special Alkalis

The Finishing

  1. The Softener
    • The Fat Acid and PE Softener
    • The Hydrophilic Softener
    • The Silicone Softener
  2. The Brushing and the Raising Agent
  3. Luster
  4. Textile Setting Agent
  5. Anti Slipping Agent
  6. Antistatic Agent
  7. Stiffening and Filing Agent
  8. Washing and Wear Finishing Agent
  9. Water Repellant, oil Repellant and Soil Release
  10. Hygiene Application

Export Products

  • Medicinal Plants like senna leaves , Aloe vera and Amukkera tubers (Indian ZinZeng)
  • Organic cereals, Edible oils and Vegetables.

Address :  Adithya Group
No.66, Central Street,
Kilpauk Garden,
Chennai – 600 010.

Phone: (044) 26442725

Email:  [email protected]